The Story Behind the Brand

Desert Life Clothing Company was designed with the wandering, free spirit in mind. The person determined to climb every peak. The wanderer looking to visit every National Park. The soul craving to be one with the earth. The adventurer seeking the next thrill. From desert skylines to cactus views, we have it all. Let our creative, desert themed clothing line help you build your own brand with nature.

Additionally, our brand is built upon the belief that how you live your life can be integrated into your own unique style. Everyday you venture out into the world, you are representing your own personal brand. The heart and soul of our business lies within the idea that clothing should always tell a story because we all have a story to tell. We are here to add that Southwestern flare to your already unique style and story. Think sunshine mixed with a little dust, adventure, and soul.

Desert Life Clothing

Caroline, Owner and Blogger

Caroline moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in October of 2015 from a small town in Connecticut. Although worlds away from the ocean views that she grew up with, she has grown to love the daily dose of sunshine. When she isn’t busy with the 9-5 grind, she is taking advantage of Arizona life. Hiking with her dog Rover, traveling in the states as well as internationally, and trying new restaurants (especially for brunch and happy hour) are some of her favorite things. Not to mention exploring the hidden gems of the Southwest. Check out our blog to find out where your next go-to spot should be!

Desert Life Clothing

Brianna, Blogger

Born and raised in a small town surrounded by cornfields in central Illinois, Brianna ventured her way to the Southwest in 2015 with her high school sweetheart and husband, Spencer. Although a piece of her heart will always lie within her Midwestern roots, she instantly fell in love with life in Phoenix, Arizona. She obtained an English education degree at Illinois State University and became a high school English teacher in Phoenix. Her newest adventure involves becoming a stay-at-home mommy to identical twin boys. Her passion to start this business with Caroline stemmed from her love for the Southwest and everything cactus, as well as an obsession with baby clothing (who isn't obsessed with baby clothes?!). Outside of her amazingly hectic role as a twin mom, a few of her favorite things include hiking anywhere with cactus views, anything involving brunch and lattes, and being an enthusiast for interior design/photography.

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