Formerly known as Grape, PNPK has a new look to match its modern menu and innovative way of making sure you can try a little bit of everything. Recognizing their location in the flight path of Scottsdale Airport, they give flights a whole new meaning. Bruschetta, sliders, deviled eggs…even dessert; you name it, you can build it. And for the ones who are thinking wait a second…what about the booze? Have no fear! These flights are just as plentiful with options for beer, wine, and champagne. Naturally, I gravitated to the champagne flight because where else can you get such an amazing thing?! This one came with prosecco, rose, and a brut (much fancier description can be found on the menu) and equaled out to about one and a half glasses of champagne.

The very best part? The happy hour menu they serve daily until 6:30 pm. $3 bruschetta, $4 craft sliders, and $5 deviled egg plates with your choice of 3 fillings. Since I personally am not huge on deviled eggs, I went straight for the bruschetta and sliders. All I could think was WOW the moment that the bruschetta I selected – Prosciutto, Mascarpone, Fig + Honey – was placed in front of me. I can assure you, it was just as amazing as it looked, and by far the favorite item I tried. While the portion was a bit smaller than other places I have been to around the valley, the quality was unmatched. It came sliced in half, so keep in mind that one option for your board is enough for 2 to try! Although, you can always get crafty and make your own bite sized pieces for the table!

Shortly after the bruschetta, the fancy yet adorable Blueberry BBQ Slider made its way out with the Poole’s Famous Mac and Cheese. (See the sacrifices I make to leave these reviews!) Again, quality was top notch. The slider had the perfect amount of sweet from the blueberry mixed with decadent without getting you too full with a large portion. My recommendation is to pick a few options and cut them in half so you can try as many flavors as possible. It was so hard to choose! The side of mac and cheese though was not regretted. Let me tell you…the first bite was a bit sharp and I thought I actually found a mac and cheese that just wasn’t for me. Much to my surprise, it tasted better and better with each bite. The mixture of jarlsberg, grana padano + sharp white vermont cheddar introduced me to a whole new world of melty deliciousness. (Bloggers choice: definitely splurge and add the bacon when you go!)

But what is amazing food without a matching ambiance? (Ok, ok …sometimes the BEST food is found in the most unlikely places, but bear with me). The makeover this place had resulted in a trendy yet relaxed atmosphere that could put anyone in a good mood. PNPK has even kicked their modern edge up a notch by using advanced technology to put your order in. That’s right, your server is armed with a tablet for that much quicker service and a whole lot less room for error. Oh and yes, the bar is fully stocked with a wine menu that you wouldn’t believe. Bottom line, if you are looking for a restaurant that has high standards of quality over quantity, this is the spot for you.

So if you’re ever bummed you aren’t catching a flight out of Sky Harbor, come to PNPK to grab a flight of any kind to lift your spirits. And don’t worry about finding a pilot, your friends will be counting on you to land the best flavors at your table…no pressure. 🙂


P.S. It is dog friendly and the patio has some pretty promising views for a great sunset!


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