Yes, you read the title right. Today I am leaving you with my review of Lumberjaxes Axe Throwing, located right here in AZ! Gaining popularity in more Northern states and already prominent in Canada, this sport has finally made its way to the desert. What is it that you do exactly? Grab a group of friends (6 minimum) and book a reservation for a 2.5 hour time slot well in advance of when you want to go. I waited until 2 weeks before the first time and the day my group picked was already sold out. Needless to say, no one was pleased with having to pick a new date. After that, just remember to wear close-toed shoes the day of and bring your competitive side.



Once you sign your life away via waiver, you will be introduced to the lucky person who gets to hang out with your group for the day. They give you instruction on how to properly throw, answer any questions, and explain the process. To start, you get some time to warm up and take some practice shots. Take my advice and use this time wisely! You may find that you prefer to use a one handed approach opposed to over the head with two, or maybe you like standing further back than closer. And don’t worry, you are safe. Each bay is separated by fencing and their are rules around staying back from the target when someone is holding an axe. My suggestion…bring smart friends. 🙂



Once you get your practice in, you take turns matching up with other players to determine the brackets for the tournament style play that comes next. I’m pretty sure I went the first three rounds missing every. single. throw. I’m not joking…not a single one. Being the competitive person I am, I went to the empty bay and tried every possible way of throwing that axe. Turns out, one handed is the way for me! So take it from me, don’t give up! And when the tournament starts just remember, every throw matters, so make it count!



Don’t worry about me signing up for any leagues just yet (yes, this is an option). I call this the beginners luck shot. Oh, and don’t let me forget…it is BYOB for beer and wine. So grab some friends, get some beers, and head over to Lumberjaxes for a great time.

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