They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If this is true, then what is a video worth? In my opinion…more than words can even describe.

Just a few short months ago I found myself standing in the midst of Zion National Park. Even on a cloudy day, you could see the glow of the red rock shine in the faint sunlight. On day 2, we decided to venture to one of the more popular hikes, Angels Landing. With a map in one hand and a cliff bar in the other, we started our journey to the trailhead via the shuttle service that runs through the park.

The trail was a tough one that consisted of multiple switchbacks, winding turns, and tight trails that allowed only one person to pass at a time. Not to mention the chains that you had to take hold of in order to climb the steep terrain! See for yourself in the footage that we compiled from our GoPro – one of our most recommended products!




It is safe to say that this one of the greatest hikes I have yet to take on. Amazing views, countless challenges, and a place to relax on Angels Landing. Check out more information on Zion National Park and all of the hiking trails they have to offer!

Stay Wild!


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